When I woke up later, Gordy was in the bathroom standing by the sink. He was naked when I walked by but this time, I grabbed his ass. He laughed and wiggled his butt in response. Suddenly, I had the desire to fuck him standing up. I moved behind him and I saw him smile in the mirror. He handed me the same lube and I prepped his ass. Once I had him greased, I slipped my cock in him. As I fucked him, we looked at each other in the mirror. Gordy was masturbating as I fucked him and I could see him jerking off. It was a pretty hot scene and I came quickly. As I shot my load in his ass, he too came and shot his wad into the bathroom sink. We held still for a few minutes savoring the morning sex. Then he spoke. "Let's hit the shower." I agreed and we showered together but without any more sex. We got cleaned up and put on shorts and tees. We were ready for breakfast and coffee but Gordy suggested going out to this so-called great omelet place. So after a cup of coffee, we put on casual clothes and headed into Vail Village. Gordy knew exactly where the place was located and that was a good thing. Most of the visitors didn't know about it but the locals did. We had a great breakfast and then walked around the village. We checked out some of the stores but didn't buy anything

. On the way back to the condo, we stopped at the convenience store and picked up some more beer and a frozen pizza for dinner later. After we got to the condo, I decided to work out in the fitness area. I worked out for an hour and then Gordy joined me for a leisurely swim and a Jacuzzi session. He wore his tight skimpy Speedo which got my juices flowing again. After the fitness time, we were back in the condo. It was early afternoon and Gordy was getting a beer from the fridge. I checked out his ass in the tight warmup pants and then made my move. As he was facing the kitchen counter and opening his beer. I moved behind him and pulled his warm-up pants down below his buttocks. I fondled and squeezed his marvelous ass before dropping my shorts. He told me to get the lube but I was already ahead of him and began to grease his passage. "Whoa, you are way ahead of me. Good, I want you to fuck me in every room." I thought about that and chuckled. I had fucked him in the bedroom and bathroom, Now I would fuck him in the kitchen. He leaned forward placing his elbows on the countertop pushing his ass back at me. Using his lube, I fingered his bottom and then applied it to my dick. I stood behind him and eased my cock into his sweet bottom. It was a turn-on because it was a bit different. I liked having him bent over the counter with his pants around his knees. Gordy was excited too and he kept pushing his ass back to meet my thrusts. I had cum once that day earlier, so this time, I decided to cum in his ass. He was stroking his cock with some urgency as I drilled his ass. I looked down and watched my cock slide in and out of the receptive bottom. It was a fantastic sight and one I dearly loved. This time when I came, I did not announce it. I simply fired a barrage into his rectum. I held him by his hips, pressed deep into him and drained my balls. The sensation was exhilarating. It was then that I realized that Gordy was rapidly stroking his cock. His body stiffened, the sphincter gripped my cock and he shot a huge load onto the kitchen counter. I stayed in him until my cock softened and slipped out. He whispered as if we were not alone. "Hand me that dishtowel." I grabbed the towel and handed it to him. He wiped his ass and his cock with the towel before heading to the bathroom. Minutes later he returned and smiled. Getting another beer, he spoke

. "That was great sex. I really liked how you fucked me that time. Let's have another beer and then I'll put the pizza in the oven." Gordy, pre-heated the oven and I turned on the gas fireplace. We sat on the sofa enjoying our beer. I was curious as to when Gordy began having gay sex so I asked him. "You know I dated girls in high school but I knew something was amiss. I wasn't drawn to them. There weren't any gay guys in school or at least I didn't know any. That summer I worked in an ice cream shop and this guy took a liking to me." "Was he your first?" "Yes, but he wasn't gay. He liked having me suck his cock and then I got pretty good at it. One day he decided that he would fuck me and the first time hurt like hell. I eventually got used to it and soon liked it." "Did you meet gay guys in college?" "Oh yeah but we were all careful with each other and always had safe sex. There was never just one guy that I liked. I liked the sex though." Just then the buzzer sounded signaling the oven was ready. Gordy got up and put the pizza in the oven and grabbed two more beers. I watched him walk and I was still enamored with his shapely legs and round bottom. He definitely resembled his sister from behind. He came back and sat at the other end of the sofa and we resumed our conversation until the pizza was ready. We both ate three slices and then Gordy wrapped up the other two and put them in the fridge. The remainder of the evening until bedtime, we listened to music with the fireplace on and nursed a beer. I knew that we would have sex again once we hit the sack and we did just that. This time in the spoon position with Gordy jerking off as I fucked him. CHANGE OF PLANS I woke up on Thursday morning to the sensation of Gordy playing with my dick. He had me hard but I wouldn't be able to cum with a piss-hard-on. It was also unusual as we never had morning sex before we skied. He saw that I was awake and he straddled me and sat on my cock. He was well greased and it slide right in. "Gordy, I can't cum until I pee." "Don't worry, I want to get off with you in me. Relax, we're not going anywhere this morning it's snowing like crazy." He rode me bouncing up and down as he stroked his cock. He was really turned on and ready to cum and cum he did. He shot a massive load toward my feet and the foot of the bed. I could feel the warm seed landing on my legs. After the last stream left his cock, he lay back on me and I wrapped my arms around him. He was breathing rapidly from the intense ejaculation. I hardly felt the weight of his slender body on me. Eventually he sighed, rolled off of me, smiled and whispered. "Go take your piss now and come back to bed." I went to the bathroom and stood over the toilet for over a minute. Then I washed my cock, hands and the semen from my legs. When I returned to the bedroom, Gordy was on his knees and elbows with his lovely bottom pointed in the air. His ass was irresistible and I got behind him to fuck that gorgeous derriere. He was still well lubed and I eased my dick into him. As I fucked him slowly, I caressed his smooth buttocks and gently squeezed the cheeks. It was an erotic sight to be in such a super fine ass especially in this position. For me it was just like fucking a pretty young woman. His body was smooth, hairless, shapely and his cock and balls were hidden from view. With his long hair, I imagined that I was fucking Sandy his sister. "Come on me again, okay?" "Sure, I'll do that." A few more minutes some rapid strokes and I was ready to shoot. I pulled out and placed my cock in between his buttocks. I pressed the cheeks together as I slid my cock between them and then I exploded. Six forceful jets shot out and landed on his neck, shoulders and back. The remainder of my seed oozed from my cock and nestled in his crack. Then I put my cock back in his ass and let him milk it dry. "Oh my God, this is so hot. I love it when you cum on me and then put your dick back in." Gordy then flopped forward on the bed, face down on the mattress. I didn't follow him down but watched as my cock exited his bottom. I patted him on his marvelous ass and told him to relax. "Stay in bed, I'll put the coffee on." I got up and walked naked into the kitchen. I got the coffee started and peaked out the window. It was snowing so hard that it was a white out. I was sure the mountain was closed if the visibility was this bad in the village. I turned on the TV to the Vail station and the snow was the news of the day

. The mountain was closed until the visibility improved. The Vail Pass was closed and only vehicles with chains were allowed on the highway. It was a doozy of a storm. I hoped that the mountain would open later as I loved to ski fresh powder. Peeking in the bedroom, I saw that Gordy had fallen asleep. I quietly closed the door and got a cup of coffee. I was still naked and thought to wash my privates in the ½ bath. After cleaning up, I turned the fireplace on, opened the blinds and watched the snow with a cup of coffee. We were not going anywhere that morning. The TV was still on with the volume low so I could watch the weather report. It was nearly 9:00 AM when Gordy emerged from the bedroom. He too was naked and sat on the sofa with me with his cup of coffee. It was a very relaxing setting with the fireplace on and the snow coming down outside. As we sipped our coffee, I realized how comfortable I was with him. After a few minutes, Gordy set down his coffee cup and snuggled up to me on the sofa. I put my arm around him and I felt my cock twitch slightly. He reached over and took my cock in his hand and stroked it lovingly. Once I was hard, he moved to his knees, leaned in and took it in his mouth. It was only the second time he sucked my cock since the first time when he seduced me. His head bobbed up and down as he sucked me. He fondled my balls and tickled my perineum as his tongue ran down the length of my shaft. His technique was incredibly erotic. I reached for his bottom and caressed his buns. I let my finger dip in the crack and probe his anus. He picked his head up and whispered. "Do you want to fuck me or cum in my mouth?" "I'll let you decide." "Good, cum in my mouth. I want to taste you again." He resumed sucking my dick and I played with his buttocks and fingered his anus. It was an interesting sight again as with his position, his manhood was hidden. It could have just as easy have been Sandy sucking my cock while I played with her ass. His long hair caressed my thighs as he performed his magic with his mouth. I felt the release building but knew that I didn't have to warn him as he wanted to receive the syrupy treat. The first shot was forceful but Gordy stayed glued to my cock. He took the subsequent streams in his mouth as he fondled my balls. I let my head rest on the back of the sofa as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the fantastic sensation. I felt a wetness on my thigh and at first thought that Gordy let some slip out of his mouth. Then I learned that he had cum too and it was his seed on my leg. "Sorry about cumming on you." "No problem, but I am ready for a shower." "Me too." We showered separately and put on our sweats. Gordy made a big breakfast with bacon, eggs and toast. It was nearly noon when the snow stopped and the total accumulation was just over two feet. The lifts would be operating soon so Gordy and I hurried to get dressed and head for the slopes. We skied the Lion's Head area and then worked our way over to Mid- Vail. It wasn't as crowded as most vacationers were not accomplished powder skiers. We saved the back bowls for Friday because we knew the face of the mountain would be packed with skiers. Skiing powder can be exhausting and we were happy to make a half day of it. Four hours was plenty for us especially given that we had two rounds of sex in the morning. We got back to the condo and after storing our gear, we donned our swim suits and hit the Jacuzzi. Later that night after leftover pizza and some snacks, we hit the sack. We were both dead tired and had no energy for sex. A good night's sleep was in order. THE LAST TWO DAYS On Friday morning we were in the lift line when the lift was opened. We made our way through the Northwoods to Far east to the back bowls. It was a glorious sight to see all that powder. We made a couple of runs cutting fresh tracks in the snow but we weren't the only ones and soon the bowls had plenty of skiers. They were all accomplished and knew how to ski bumps in powder. We took a hot chocolate break mid-morning and then skied until lunch time. After eating at Far East, we skied the bowls until we were beat. Skiing down the mountain at the end of the day was a zoo. The slopes were packed and people were falling all over the place. We made it down to the après ski lounge and chilled out with a pitcher of beer. Later we had some nachos, listened to music and headed back to the condo around 7:00 PM. In bed that night, I did fuck Gordy again in the spoon position as we were so tired. We slept soundly and the night seemed to fly by. It was Saturday and my airport shuttle would pick me up at noon. I still had to pack but Gordy was determined to have me fuck him before we did anything else that morning. I drilled him from behind and came on him as he requested. I put my cock back in his ass and this time he wanted me to cum in him. It took a bity longer but I managed to shoot in his ass. He rolled over, stroked his cock and shot a massive load onto his body. We both showered, ate a light breakfast and then I packed. It was 11:30 when I was ready to leave. He waited with me in the lobby for the shuttle to arrive. "I hope you enjoyed you stay and didn't miss Sandy too much." "I enjoyed my stay immensely and you filled in for her very nicely. I would have never thought that possible a week earlier." "I'm looking at some job opportunities in the Chicago area. Can I look you up if I get to town?" "Definitely, you can crash at my place while you're in town." "I'd like that." "Me too, well here's my ride to the airport." He hugged me and then helped me load my gear in the shuttle. I got in the vehicle and he gave me a thumbs up. "Safe travels!" "Thanks, I'll look forward to your visit." I had a two-hour ride to DIA during which I replayed the week with Gordy. I had been bummed at first that Sandy didn't make it out to the slopes. However, Gordy soon made me forget her absence. I had never ever expected to have sex with a gay guy and then find it so easy and so enjoyable. Of course, Gordy was special, he was pretty, shapely and a master of seduction. I could still picture him on all fours with my cock in his curvy bottom. It was like I was fucking Sandy except that she did not do anal. It had been a fantastic week of great skiing and great sex. One that I would remember for a long time.